Wolseley 6/110

Wolseley 6/110

Model Designation Wolseley 6/110
(ADO 53)
Designer Barrista "Pinin" Farina
Sidney Goble
Production Period 1961 - 1968
Total Produced 24,101
Body Type 4 Door Saloon
Engine 2,912cc
Engine Configuration IL 6 OHV
Power 120 bhp @ 4,750 rpm
Torque 163 lb ft @ 2,750 rpm
Transmission 3 Speed with Borg-Warner overdrive,
optional Borg-Warner automatic
Top Speed 102 mph (164 kph)
0-60 mph 13.3 seconds
Fuel consumption 19 mpg
Weight 3,470 lb (1,574 kg)
Length 15' 8" (4.775 m)
Width 5' 8.5" (1.740 m)
Height 5' 0.5" (1.537 m)
Predecessor Wolseley 6/99
Successor None


Autumn 1961 saw the 'big' Farina range receiving a revamp. In the case of the 6/99 this was replaced by the externally almost identical Wolseley 6/110.

Under the skin however, it was a different story. Suspension modifications, included an increase in wheelbase by 2", the addition of a transverse shock absorber to counter axle sway and within a few months the option of power assisted steering and air conditioning.

Although engine capacity did not change, power output was increased. This was achieved with cylinder head, and camshaft modifications, as well as the fitting of a new twin bore exhaust system.

Except for the use of the more popular floor gear-change, there was no visual way of identifying the 6/110 from the earlier 6/99 which featured column gearchange.

By the spring of 1964, some 10,800 Mk I types had been produced at Cowley. This was superceded by the Mk II in May 1964 resulting in 13,301 produced until production ended in March 1968 between the announcement of the British Leyland merger and its inauguration.

The Mk II now came with a 4 speed gearbox, but the Borg-Warner overdrive was now an optional extra. Other changes included smaller wheels with wider tyres, the fitting of telescopic dampers as opposed to lever arm, thicker disk brakes and another new exhaust system.

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