Wolseley 1500 Mk II

Wolseley 1500 Mk II

Model Designation Wolseley 1500 Mk II
Production Period 1960-1961
Total Produced 22,295
Body Type 4 Door Saloon
Engine 1,489cc B-Series
Engine Configuration IL 4 OHV
Power 43 bhp @ 4,200 rpm
Torque 71 lb ft @ 2,600 rpm
Transmission 4 Speed
Top Speed 78 mph (126 kph)
0-60 mph 24.4 seconds
Fuel consumption 35 mpg
Weight 2,060 lb (934 kg)
Length 12' 7.75" (3.855 m)
Width 5' 1" (1.549 m)
Height 4' 11.75" (1.518 m)
Predecessor Wolseley 1500 Mk I
Successor Wolseley 1500 Mk III


The overall style and layout of the Wolseley 1500 was not altered from the Mk I, the most notable development was the more modern look achieved by the boot and bonnet hinges now being concealed under the the skin. The side chrome trim was also remodelled, losing the circled 'W' and now extending to the front of the car before returning to the wheel arch.

The front suspension was lowered to reduce 'roll' and the interior gained a full width parcel shelf. Both 'Fleet' and 'Family' models continued.

The Wolseley 1500 Mk II was short lived, after only a year and a half's life it was replaced with another slightly improved version, the Wolseley 1500 Mk III.

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