Wisely Issue 35-March-April-2017

Wolseley Owners Club Wisely Magazine

Wisely Issue 35-March-April-2017

Issue 35 of Wisely – The Magazine of The Wolseley Owners Club, has been distributed to all our members.


The front cover shows a Wolseley 16/20 in Sutton Coldfield. The rear cover shows a South African Wolseley 6/110 Mk II Automatic.


The centre pages plus an extra 2 pages, show Horace Williams C1910 Wolseley 16/20 and his story. Horace was employed by Wolseley Machine Tool Co. (later to become Wolseley Motors).


Within the 32 pages of the issue, the following articles and much more can be found:


Readers Rides featuring a Wolseley 1500 Mk I and a Wolseley 1500 Mk II.


Feature Articles include:

  • The Family Car, a Wolseley 14.
  • Molly the Wolseley.
  • C Series Rebuild – Part 3 and Fitting and Firing.
  • How to photograph cars.
  • 6/90 Unusual Starter Problem.


Wisely Issue 35


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