Wolseley Archive

Wolseley Archive

The Wolseley Archive by the Wolseley Owners Club is being constructed to contain a complete archive of Wolseley information.

The archive links below will be updated as we finish each section.

The Wolseley Archive is split into the following main areas:

  • People – those individuals and pioneers who influenced the Wolseley marque.
  • Places – locations that are of significance to the history of Wolseley.
  • Timeline – a chronological listing of significant Wolseley events.
  • Cars – containing information and specifications of each and every model of Wolseley vehicle produced from the first to the last.

Work is already progressing on the ‘Cars’ section of this archive.

If you would like to submit any information or pictures for inclusion within the Wolseley Archive or further information on a particular car, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

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