Wolseley 15-60

Wolseley 15-60 Introduction

The BMC Farina range was launched in late 1958, there being a design range of three cars given the Austin Design Office numbers of ADO 8, ADO 9 and ADO 10. These were then carefully badge-engineered and the equipment aligned to suit the five dealer chains of Austin, Morris, MG, Riley and Wolseley. However there was to be no Wolseley equivalent of the smaller ADO 8 design.

The Wolseley 15/60 was launched in December 1958 and was of a pretty standard three box design with a hint of ‘Americana’ incorporating as it did big (by British standards) rear fins and masses of chrome, including both front and rear overriders.

As expected of any new Wolseley design, the interior had acres of leather and polished wood. The dashboard was finished in burr walnut with a lockable glove box on the passenger’s side. Front seats were of the split bench type with the handbrake lever tucked down at the outside of the drivers side.

The 15/60 continued with only minor changes, until it was replaced by the ADO 38, Wolseley 16/60 in October 1961.

Model DesignationWolseley 15/60 (ADO 9)
DesignerBarrista "Pinin" Farina Sidney Goble
Production PeriodDec 1958 - Sep 1961
Total Produced24,579
Body Type4 Door Saloon
Engine ConfigurationIL 4 OHV
Power52 bhp @ 4,350 rpm
Torque82 @ 2,100 rpm
Transmission4 Speed
Top Speed77 mph (124 kph)
0-60 mph24.3 seconds
Fuel consumption28 mpg
Weight2,473 lb (1,122 kg)
Length14’ 10" (4.521 m)
Width5’ 3.5" (1.613 m)
Height4’ 11" (1.499 m)
PredecessorWolseley 15/50
SuccessorWolseley 16/60

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