Wolseley 16-60

Wolseley 16-60 Introduction

The 12th October 1961 saw the Wolseley 15/60 replaced by the Wolseley 16-60.

Externally, the rear fins were now lower with revised tail-lamps to go with them, the rear overriders were re-aligned to the lamp clusters.

The biggest changes however were mechanical. More power and torque was provided by a larger capacity engine with larger valves. The Borg-Warner Type ’35’ 3 speed automatic transmission found on the larger models was now available as an option.

To improve ride, handling and comfort, modifications to the suspension consisted of; changes to the shock absorbers and spring rates, as well as additions of a stabilising bar to the rear and an anti-roll bar to the front. To further increase stability the 16/60’s front and rear track was widened by 2″ and the wheelbase increased by 1″.

The Wolseley 16/60 continued for the next 10 years with very little changes almost forgotten by the BMC planners it would seem. The end finally came when the 16/60 was replaced by the Issigonis designed Wolseley 18/85.

Model DesignationWolseley 16/60 (ADO 38)
DesignerBarrista "Pinin" Farina Sidney Goble
Production PeriodOct 1961 - Mar 71
Total Produced63,082
Body Type4 Door Saloon
Engine ConfigurationIL 4 OHV
Power61 bhp @ 4,500 rpm
Torque90 lb ft @ 2,100 rpm
Transmission4 Speed
Top Speed81 mph (130 kph)
0-60 mph21.4 seconds
Fuel consumption26 mpg
Weight2,473 lb (1,122 kg)
Length14’ 6.5" (4.432 m)
Width5’ 3.5" (1.613 m)
Height4’ 11" (1.499 m)
PredecessorWolseley 15/60
SuccessorWolseley 18/85

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