Wolseley 24-80 Australia

Wolseley 24-80 (Australia) Introduction

The ADO 9, medium Farina design was released in Australia in late 1959. This was identical to the British 15/60 model except for having the larger 1622cc engine that was later fitted to the 16/60 two years later, which was mated to a column change, 3 speed gearbox.

It soon became apparent to the management of BMC Australia that they needed a 6 cylinder engine, if they were to compete with Ford and Holden. To achieve this, it was decided to add an extra two cylinders to the design of the 1622cc B-Series engine to produce a 2433cc engine, which would be called the ‘Blue Streak Six’. A model designation of ADO 40 was conceived for this new model and in April 1962 the Wolseley 24/80 was launched.

The Wolseley 24/80 used the same body as the 15/60 but with a longer wheelbase of 100″. To facilitate the fitting of the longer Blue Streak Six engine, the radiator had to be repositioned to the front of the bonnet locking bar just behind the grille.

After just two years, a Mk II version of the 24/80 was released in October 1964. This new model used identical styling to the 16/60, had an increase of power from 80 to 84 bhp and had soft expanded vinyl upholstery for the interior. The Wolseley 24/80 Mk II continued in production until October 1965 but was available at dealers until 1966. This marked the end of Wolseley production in Australia.

Model DesignationWolseley 24/80 (ADO 40)
DesignerBarrista "Pinin" Farina Sidney Goble
Production Period1962 - 1966
Total Produced
Body Type4 Door Saloon
Engine ConfigurationIL 6 OHV
Power80 bhp @ x rpm
Torque123 lb ft @ x rpm
Transmission3 Speed manual & 3 Speed automatic
Top Speed83 mph (134 kph)
0-60 mph18.2 seconds
Fuel consumption23 mpg
Length14’ 10" (4.521 m)
Width5’ 3.5" (1.613 m)
Height4’ 10" (1.473 m)
PredecessorWolseley 15/60

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