Wolseley 18-22 Wedge

Wolseley 18-22 Wedge Introduction

The Wolseley 18-22 Wedge was launched to critical acclaim on March 26th 1975 and billed as “The car that has got it all together”. The ‘Wedge’, as it was affectionately to be called, inherited the front wheel drive / transverse engine configuration from its predecessor, the Wolseley Six and was given the model designation ADO 71.

Wolseley 18-22 Wedge
Model DesignationWolseley 18-22 (ADO71)
DesignerHarris Mann
Production PeriodMar 1975 - Sep 1975
Total Produced3,800
Body Type4 Door Saloon
Engine2,227cc E-Series
Engine ConfigurationS.O.H.C. Transverse 6 Cylinder
Power110 bhp @ 5,250 rpm
Torque125 lb ft @ 2,500 rpm
Transmission4 Speed Manual & 3 Speed Automatic
Top Speed108 mph (174 kph)
0-60 mph11.8 seconds
Fuel consumption20-22 mpg
Weight2,679 lb (1,215 kg)
Length14’ 7.4" (4.455 m)
Width5’ 8.1" (1.730 m)
Height4’ 7.5" (1.409 m)
PredecessorWolseley Six (ADO17)

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