Wolseley Heinz 57 Hornet

Heinz 57 Hornet Introduction

Commissioned by H.J.Heinz Ltd in March 1966 as prizes in a competition based around their 57 varieties of canned soups.

These exclusive Wolseley Hornets were turned into full convertibles by Crayford Engineering in Westerham Kent. Registered consecutively with the number plates LLH 8–D.

41 survivors of the original 57 are known to exist which are located all over the globe.

Model DesignationWolseley Heinz 57 Hornet (ADO15)
DesignerSir Alec Issigonis
Production PeriodMarch 1966
Total Produced57
Body Type2 Door convertible
Engine998cc A-Series
Engine ConfigurationO.H.V. Transverse 4 Cylinder
Power38 bhp @ 5,250 rpm
Torque52 lb ft @ 2,700 rpm
Transmission4 Speed Manual
Top Speed72 mph (116 kmh)
0-60 mph24.1 seconds
Fuel consumption35 mpg
Weight1,395 lb (633 kg)
Length10’ 9" (3.277 m)
Width4’ 5" (1.346 m)
Height4’ 7" (1.410 m)

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