Wolseley MK III

Wolseley 1500 MK III Introduction

At the 1961 Earls Court motor show the BMC family range of cars were all given a facelift, thus the Wolseley 1500 Mk III arrived with larger front grille surround that now incorporated the larger side/indicator lights which had an integrated orange indicator lens. The rear light cluster is also much larger being the same design as that fitted to the A40 Farina range.

Surprisingly the B-Series engine was not changed (unlike the Farina range which had their engines enlarged to 1,622cc). The suspension was again slightly lowered to look more sporty and improve its roadholding capabilities.

The interior also received some changes, the seat backs were made thinner, and the seat coverings simplified becoming monotone. The dashboard also contained the heater controls in one panel to the drivers side, rather than either side of the centre console.

The Wolseley 1500 finally ceased production when it was dropped to make way for a new generation of small-medium Wolseleys, the front-wheel-drive Wolseley 1100.

Model DesignationWolseley 1500 Mk III
Production Period1961-1965
Total Produced31,989
Body Type4 Door Saloon
Engine1,489cc B-Series
Engine ConfigurationIL 4 OHV
Power43 bhp @ 4,200 rpm
Torque71 lb ft @ 2,600 rpm
Transmission4 Speed
Top Speed78 mph (126 kph)
0-60 mph24.4 seconds
Fuel consumption35 mpg
Weight2,060 lb (934 kg)
Length12’ 7.75" (3.855 m)
Width5’ 1" (1.549 m)
Height4’ 11.75" (1.518 m)
PredecessorWolseley 1500 Mk II
SuccessorWolseley 1100

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