Wolseley Post Vintage Sixteen

Wolseley Post Vintage Sixteen Introduction

The Wolseley Sixteen superceded the Wolseley Viper in 1933 as the 16hp Four-door saloon and the 16hp Special (close coupled) saloon, its engine being mounted further forward than previous models, and featuring the new illuminated badge light.

The 16hp saloon was of a shorter wheelbase chassis than the previous Viper coachbuilt models and omitted the sun-visors. The appearance is similar however the addition of two small ventilators fitted to either side of the scuttle aid in identification.

The 16hp Special (close coupled) saloon however differed much from the Viper Fabric Saloon, now fitted with four windows (instead of six) and more pleasing lines to the bodywork with a streamlined boot. Two small ventilators are also fitted either side of the scuttle.

The 16hp also differed to the Viper in the style and placement of the headlights, these being fully chromed and set back alongside the radiator whilst the Viper had only chrome rimmed headlights mounted forward of the radiator.

The Wolseley Sixteen also included specifications such as a free wheel, and in 1934 an automatically operated clutch.

In 1934 the trafficators were repositioned to the door pillars rather than being mounted above the front and rear number plates. The headlights were also increased in size and mounted upon a bar between the two front wings. A longer wheelbase improved comfort and appearance, whilst the bumper now with a single bar design.

In 1935 the 16hp was substituted by a smaller 14hp unit.

Model DesignationWolseley Sixteen
Production Period1933 - 1934
Total Produced2232
Body Type4 Door Saloon
Engine ConfigurationIL 6 OHC
Power50 bhp @ 4500 rpm
Torque- lb ft @ - rpm
Transmission4 speed manual
Top Speed64 mph (103 kph)
0-60 mph33 seconds
Fuel consumption22 mpg
Weight3472 lb (1575 kg)
Length13’ 6.5" (4.128 m)
Width5’ 4" (1.626 m)
Height5’ 9" (1.753 m)

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