Wolseley Veteran 16-20

Wolseley Veteran 16-20 Introduction

In 1910 the engine dimensions were metrified and most model designations became a dual-numbered pair. This model was introduced in 1910 as the Wolseley – Siddeley 16/20, and manufactured at the expanding Adderley Park.

Although John Davenport Siddeley had resigned from the position of general manager of the Wolseley company in June 1909, the name lived on as ‘Wolseley – Siddeley’ until 1911 during which time Wolseley had become one of Britain’s biggest car makers.

The four cylinder engine – cast in pairs – produced 20.3hp from 3079cc. It was initially fitted with dual magneto and coil ignition until 1913 with only magneto. Final drive being by worm, until 1913 when colonial models were fitted with bevel. 1914 onwards all 16/20s fitted with bevel final drive. A combined oil/air pump is fitted to the engine, with the pressurised air being used to supply the petrol from the tank to the carburettor.

The 16/20 featured a bevel final drive with a four speed gearbox. A pedal operated footbrake applied a contracting metal band to a drum mounted upon the gearbox, whilst a hand lever mounted alongside the gear selector applied internal drum brakes to the rear wheels.

At launch in 1910 the 16/20 was available in 9′-5″ or 10′-1″ wheelbase chassis, by 1912 the Siddeley name had been completely dropped, being made available as 9′-8″ or 10′-4″ wheelbase.

In 1913 the range was reduced to just three models the 16/20, 24/30, and 50 HP. With the 16/20 predicted to be the most popular model in 1913 the following three wheelbase options were available 9′-9″, 10′-3″ or 11′-9″.

In 1914 the 16/20 was offered as either 10′-4″ or 10′-10″ wheelbase chassis.

In 1915 despite curtailments for the start of the war, the 16/20 was offered as 10′-4″ or 11′-1″ wheelbase, alongside the 24/30 and 30/40, before production ceased prior to 1916 due to being fully engaged in war work.

Model DesignationWolseley 16/20
Production Period1910 - 1915
Total Produced-
Body Type4 Door Saloon
Engine ConfigurationIL 4 SV
Power20.3 bhp @ - rpm
Torque- lb ft @ - rpm
Transmission4 speed manual
Top Speed- mph (- kph)
0-60 mph- seconds
Fuel consumption- mpg
Weight- lb (- kg)
Length-‘ -" (- m)
Width-‘ -" (- m)
Height-‘ -" (- m)
Predecessor14 HP

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