Wolseley Vintage 12-32 E4M

Wolseley Vintage 12-32 E4M Introduction

The Wolseley 12/32 E4M introduced in 1928 is the replacement of previous 11/22 variant. The new engine being of a smaller four cylinder overhead camshaft version of the 16/45 ‘Silent Six’. Also featuring a spiral bevel final drive, four speed gearbox, magneto ignition and four wheel braking.

In 1928 the 12/32 was available in Touring Car, Saloon, Coupe, or Fabric Saloon (either 4 or 6 light). In 1929 the 12/32 was available in Chassis form, Tourer, Two-Seater Coupe, Saloon, Fabric Saloon (4 or 6 light), or Coachbuilt Saloon.

The 12/32 was replaced in turn by the Hornet in 1931.

Model DesignationWolseley 12/32 E4M
Production Period1928 - 1930
Total Produced~ 3000
Body Type4 Door Saloon
Engine ConfigurationIL 4 OHC
Power- bhp @ - rpm
Torque- lb ft @ - rpm
Transmission4 speed manual
Top Speed55 mph (- kph)
0-60 mph- seconds
Fuel consumption- mpg
Weight1680 lb (762 kg)
Length13’ 4.5" (4.077 m)
Width5’ 7" (1.702 m)
Height-‘ -" (- m)
Predecessor11/22 E4

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