Wolseley Vintage Ten E3

Wolseley Vintage Ten E3 Introduction

The “stellite” E2A Wolseley light car range of 9.5 hp was briefly re-introduced immediately after the first World War. Wolseley light cars were to continue to set the pace for the company’s expansion with the newly designed Ten E3 and Fifteen A9, both featuring advancements such as overhead camshaft and electric starter.

In December 1921, a streamlined car based upon the 1261cc 10 hp chassis broke 10 new records at Brooklands when the car ran for some 6 hours covering a distance of 514 miles at an average of just over 81 mph.

Following success, in 1922 a modified Wolseley 10 with streamlined bodywork set up more new endurance records at Brooklands when it covered 843 miles at an average speed of 70 mph in a 12 hours non-stop run, followed by a further 12 hours run the next day covering 1,456 miles at an average speed of 61 mph, the fastest lap of 79 mph. Racing, though, was to lead to bankruptcy.

Expanding their range, new larger models were added; in 1923, a 14 hp and a 24/30 hp model, the latter powered by a six cylinder 5,344 cc engine fitted with a four speed gearbox and worm drive rear axle. This achieved Wolseley’s profitable return to the large motor car market where it had really excelled in the pre-war days.  Not all the advanced features of the 10 were incorporated, however. The 14 hp car was powered by a four cylinder side valve 2,614cc engine to cater for the motorists who had been unwilling to buy the 15 hp model with the more modern overhead camshaft engine first used on the E3 series.

Model DesignationWolseley Ten E3
Production Period1920 - 1925
Total Produced-
Body TypeOpen 2 seater (dickie seat) / Coupe / Tourer
Engine ConfigurationIL 4 OHC
Power- bhp @ - rpm
Torque- lb ft @ - rpm
Transmission3 speed manual and reverse
Top Speed54 mph (87 kph)
0-60 mph- seconds
Fuel consumption24 mpg
Weight- lb (- kg)
Length10’ 10" (3.302 m)
Width-‘ -" (- m)
Height-‘ -" (- m)
PredecessorStellite E2A

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