16th Moffat Car Rally, 2013

16th Moffat Car Rally

16th Moffat Car Rally, 2013

On Saturday 29th June, up to 300 cars took part in a 40 miles long road run from Moffat in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland, to St Mary’s Loch, taking in the Megget and Talla reservoirs via the Moffat hills. Three Wolseley Owners Club members cars took part in the run and scaled the 20% incline with ease.


Sunday 30th June being the static show of around 900 cars, the Wolseley Owners Club stand proudly showed the 12/48, 4/44, and 18/85 that had taken part in the run on the previous day, along with a magnificent 1500 Mk I.


The participants of Saturday’s run gathered in blocks of 60 cars for a short parade in Moffat before setting off on a leisurely tour of the surrounding area and to take in the wonderful scenery. The short 20% incline section of the route was controlled such that if a participant should fail to scale the incline completely the journey back to the start of the incline would not be blocked by those following. A classic AA patrol bike and sidecar was observed during the run, the AA patrol man saluted all those that drove past.


A short picnic stop at St Mary’s Loch enabled us to see other participants as well as meet with a Wolseley 1500 and Wolseley Hornet Special.


A civic reception and buffet was held on Saturday evening near to the grounds of the rally where we could further meet up with fellow participants and organisers of the rally.


Sunday saw a deluge of cars arrive on the main rally fields, among which a wide variety of Wolseleys were spotted among the many cars on show.


A very well organised and thoroughly enjoyable weekend that we will be looking forward to attending next year.


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