17th Beaumanor Classic Car & Transport Show

17th Beaumanor Classic Car

17th Beaumanor Classic Car & Transport Show

Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire provided the venue for this Classic Car & Transport Show on Sunday 21st July 2013. The Wolseley Owners Club stand included four Wolseleys – a 1500 Mk II, 15/50, 4/44, and 18/85, whilst elsewhere on the field a further Wolseley 1500 Mk III was present.


There was a tremendous amount of interest in the Wolseleys which generated a lot of questions from members of the public along with more new members joining the Wolseley Owners Club as a result.


The show attracted over 500 exhibitors and the public attended in good numbers to the peaceful and beautiful venue here in the Leicestershire countryside.


It was a refreshing change to be able to enjoy slightly cooler temperatures. Exhibits included a paddling pool in the back of a Land Rover!



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