Classic, Vintage & Sportscar show, Tatton Park 2012

Tatton Park 2012

Classic, Vintage & Sportscar show, Tatton Park 2012

The Wolseley Owners Club celebrated being awarded ‘Best Club Stand 6th Place’ at Tatton Park 2012, Knutsford, Cheshire, over the weekend of 18-19th August 2012.


The club had 25 Wolseleys displayed over the two days, covering 13 different models of Wolseley.


Over 90 top car club displays attended the Cheshire Auto Promotions, ‘Golden Age of Motoring’, Classic, Vintage and Sportscar, held at Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire, North West England where over 2,500 exhibitors from all over the UK attended, with a fine selection of pre-WW2 cars.

The Wolseley Owners Club cars on display included a Wolseley Mudlark, one of only three of its type, known to exist in the world, aWolseley 25 HP Limo Series III, a Wolseley 18/85 ‘Police’ Series III, two Wolseley Eight’s, a Wolseley Mk I 1500, two Wolseley Mk III 1500’s, a Wolseley 1300, a Wolseley 4/44, two Wolseley 18/85 Landcrabs, a Wolseley 12/48 ‘Police’ Series III, a Wolseley Wasp, a Wolseley 16/60 and a Wolseley 14/60 Series III.


A fantastic time was enjoyed by all, with over 45 members attending or visiting the stand over the weekend, BBQ’s daily, a massive Autojumble and an outstanding turnout and selection of other car marques in both clubs and individual entries. Many thanks to Stuart Holmes, exhibits organiser and his team. A great time and excellent meals were also enjoyed by some of the club members staying at The Dog Inn at Over Peover near Knutsford, Cheshire for the weekend.


We look forward to the Cheshire Auto Promotions shows in 2013. If you would like to join us at future shows, please contact our Events Organiser –


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