The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2016

Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2016

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2016

This year at the NEC, Wolseley Owners Club had a four car stand. Two 6/110’s courtesy of Mick Lower, South member, a Super Six 25hp from Steve Darnell, North West Member and Mick Whitehead’s Hornet, North West Member and it didn’t get at all confusing having two Mick’s and a Nick on the stand! The three day show at the NEC attracted a lot of visitors with many coming for two or more days just to see it all. If ever you want to come for just a day come on the Friday, its far quieter and you definitely stand more chance of seeing it all.


We definitely scored a coup having Mick’s two Wolseley Farina 6/110 (2 of only 3 at the show). So many people’s opening line was ‘my dad had one of these’. Mick’s 6/110’s are fantastic examples and attracted attention from the start. Steve’s 25 as always polishes up a treat (hint, hint Steve) and he probably sold it 4 x over, over the three days and Mick’s Green Hornet, or as I was informed is known locally as the flying snot! Had all the young kids crowding round the stand. So we had a great combination of vehicles.


It was great to meet so many of the membership and the winner for longest journey goes to member Win Cleal who came all the way from New Zealand! I’m sure we could have talked for hours. Harris Mann, our Club Patron popped in for a chat – great to see you Harris, as did Darth Vada and Barry ‘Whizzo’ Williams. We had numerous other stars of television visit us – another reason to come on the Friday – it’s the day the celebrities pop in.


Thank you to all who popped in for a chat, but a wholehearted thank you to members Mick Lower, Mick Whitehead and Steve Darnell for their kind loan of cars for the stand and also to Peter, Steve’s friend and member David Thompson for their help as well.


Nick Freeman, Chairman, Wolseley Owners Club.



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