Wolseley Owners Club AGM 2014

Wolseley Owners Club AGM

Wolseley Owners Club AGM 2014

On Sunday 27th April 2014, The Wolseley Owners Club Ltd held their third Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire in England.

17 members attended the afternoon meeting, after first enjoying viewing the wonderful cars on display both inside and outside. The date of the AGM also co-incided with ‘Drive it Day’ and there were many superb classics outside being displayed on the car parks.

Three of our members also arrived in their Wolseleys, 4/44, 6/110, and 18/85.

Much business was discussed at the meeting and decisions made on the way forward. The Club is very pleased to announce some new club officers to the positions of Finance, Archivist, Club Secretary, Benefits, Merchandise and Overseas and thanked the club officers in these positions previously for all their work.

There are now 21 Club Officers in positions, 30 Area Contacts and 23 Model Contacts, who are all here to serve and assist the Club’s members in the UK and Overseas.

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